33rd International Geological Congress

IGC 2008 - Oslo

5-14 August 2008  • Oslo, Norway

Organizers are expecting 5000-7000 geoscientists from around the world to participate in the 33rd International Geological Congress, 5-14 August 2008, in Oslo, Norway. Only a few symposia and special theme sessions have been proposed to-date from North America.

Specific topics suggested for symposium topics from a North American perspective have included Earth Scope and Arctic Research. Organizers are also encouraging themes that highlight multidisciplinary research between and among the physical, natural, social, economic, and political sciences. USGS has already offered to help convene two symposia, one on geohazards and one on mineral resource assessment methodologies.

Additional information on the meeting is available at www.33igc.org. If you are interested in submitting a session proposal, you are invited to correspond directly with Prof. Arne Bjørlykke, President of the 33rd International Geological Congress, at , or with the Scientific Program Committee at .

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