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Allison Dean's Home
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My name is Allison Dean. On August 29, 2005 the upper eastern quadrant of Hurricane Katrina obliterated my town of Waveland, Mississippi.

I just want to say “Thank you GSA”! In the year 1999 I won an award in the Geophysics Division of GSA for the best student research proposal. This award was accompanied with a research grant and a plaque.

About four years ago, following an employment opportunity with the Navy, I moved from my home in Bellingham, Washington to the Gulf of Mexico. During the next few years I bought a home near the coast in a little town called Waveland, Mississippi. I enjoyed living on the coast, riding my bicycle along the boardwalk and fishing in the shallows. On August 29, 2005 that lifestyle drastically changed for both me and everyone living along the Gulf Coast. Hurricane Katrina changed the lives and futures of just about every resident and business in this region. Ninety-two miles of decimated coastline is what is left. Waveland’s population of 8000 people changed that day to 200. There is nothing left of Waveland but mile after mile of decimated houses.

My entire life has been changed by Hurricane Katrina. Everything I owned except a few clothing items disappeared that day. There are a few items that bring back fond memories of college years. GSA has gratefully, and without hesitation, recreated the plaque that brings back so many good memories of my college days.

Thank you again GSA!

Allison Dean
Bellingham, Washington to Waveland, Mississippi

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