GSA Winners at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair Announced

Intel Science Fair Winners
left to right: Paul Macdonald Magyar, Yinqiuqi Lei, Carleton Moore, and Meghan Combs

More than 1,400 students from over 40 countries competed for $3 million in scholarships and prizes at the 56th Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in Phoenix, AZ on 8-13 May, 2005.

Yinqiuqi Lei, 18, from Robert F. Kennedy Community High School in Flushing, NY took first prize with a $1,000 award from GSA for her project entitled, Mining the Past: Geochemical Analyses of Fossil Teeth and Sediment Illuminate Ancient Environments.

Paul Macdonald Magyar, 17, from Classical High School in Providence, RI won the $750 second place prize for Characterizing Martian Soil Analogues with Optical Microscopy.

Meghan Combs, 17, from Joplin-Inverness Public Schools in Joplin, MT took home the third place prize of $250 for her work on The Amount of Particulate Matter of Iron Creek in the Sweet Grass Hills to Determine Erosion.

Congratulations to these young geoscience stars! The winners and their schools will also receive a free subscription to GSA Today, the GSA monthly newsletter.

GSA would like to thank Professors Carleton Moore and Robert Lundin (Arizona State University) for their participation in judging and selecting the GSA prize winners, in collaboration with judges from the American Geological Institute (AGI) team.

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