Call for candidate Planetary Geology and Geophysics study concepts

The last decade has seen a tremendous increase in the quality and quantity of data sets relevant to planetary geology and geophysics. Concurrently, there has been a substantial increase in interest in the planetary geosciences, as reflected at the 2005 Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, attended by more than 1400 participants.

It is appropriate for the community to reflect on important, cross-cutting issues for Planetary Geology and Geophysics through topical studies, workshops, field conferences, and other vehicles that stimulate the exchange of ideas and the fostering of collaborative efforts. Such activities can range from single events, such as a focused topical workshop, to multi-year projects, on the scale of the current Cosmochemistry project on oxygen in the solar system. The Lunar and Planetary Institute can provide logistical support for some of these activities each year.

This notice is to encourage the development of concepts for such activities. If you have a candidate concept, please send a one-page summary outlining the goals, background and relevance, anticipated participation, and expected outcome to Dr. Stephen Mackwell, Director of the Lunar and Planetary Institute (, with a copy to Dr. Steve Saunders, Discipline Scientist for Planetary Geology and Geophysics ( Although there is no formal date for submissions, concepts for the coming year (2006) will be fully considered if submitted by 1 June 2005.

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