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Young Unveils 302(b) Allocations For Approps Subcommittees

House Appropriations Chairman Young today released his subcommittee 302(b) allocations based on a total FY05 discretionary spending cap of $821.4 billion, which is even more austere than the president's already lean budget request -- about $1.6 billion less than the administration's FY05 request of $823 billion. That total is $35.6 billion more than last year's enacted level of $786 billion in FY04 discretionary spending, according to the Appropriations Committee. Young's allocations are largely in line with the president's request, allowing for large increases in defense, international aid, education and domestic security.

Each of the 13 spending bills would see varying degrees of increases or remain flat, save the FY05 Transportation-Treasury spending bill, which at $25.4 billion would see a $2.9 billion drop from last year's enacted level of $28.4 billion, and is $275 million less than the president's request. Foreign Operations would be slashed $1.9 billion from the president's request of $21.3 billion, although increased by $1.9 billion over last year's $17.5 billion enacted total. Defense would see the largest increase by far of the 13 spending bills -- the measure's allocation of $392.1 billion would be $25.8 billion more than last year's enacted total of $366.4 billion. It would be $450 million less than the president's FY05 request.

On Thursday, House Appropriations subcommittees will mark up the Homeland Security and Interior spending bills, and Young said the full committee would hold a markup next week. However, discussions are ongoing with Budget Chairman Nussle and GOP leaders about a spending enforcement bill due on the floor next week, with appropriators opposing five-year budget caps, as in the Nussle bill. That could slow appropriations action next week if the issue is not resolved.

Below are the FY04 enacted totals for each spending bill, followed in order by the president's FY05 request and House FY05 allocation:

  • Agriculture: $16.84 billion; $16.57 billion; $16.78 billion
  • Commerce-Justice-State: $37.6 billion; $39.6 billion; $39.8 billion
  • Defense (excluding supplementals): $366.4 billion; $392.6 billion; $392.1 billion
  • District of Columbia: $542 million; $560 million; $560 million
  • Energy and Water: $27.3 billion; $27.94 billion; $27.99 billion
  • Foreign Operations: $17.5 billion; $21.3 billion; $19.4 billion
  • Homeland Security: $29.2 billion; $31.1 billion; $30.8 billion
  • Interior: $19.5 billion; $20 billion; $19.7 billion
  • Labor-HHS: $139 billion; $142 billion; $142.3 billion
  • Legislative Branch: $3.5 billion; $4 billion; $3.6 billion
  • Military Construction: $9.3 billion; $9.6 billion; $10 billion
  • Transportation-Treasury: $28.4 billion; $25.7 billion; $25.4 billion
  • VA-HUD: $90.8 billion; $92.1 billion; $92.9 billion
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