A Student Only-Oriented GeoTrip

July 11-July 25, 2004 • Reykjavík, Iceland

GSA GeoVentures

Scientific Leader

Dr. Jim Reynolds, Brevard College, Brevard, North Carolina.
Reynolds is a magnetostratigrapher with interests in Neogene volcanism and foreland basins who has been leading international field trips since 1996.


GSA's second student-oriented GeoTrip will return to Iceland in the summer of 2004. Restricted to students, this trip will visit most of the classical geological localities of Iceland. You do not need to be a GSA member or even a Geology student in order to participate. Please forward this announcement to other students at your college or university.

Iceland offers a rich variety of national parks and preserves upon which most of our trip will focus. Participants will camp in modern campgrounds and rotate cooking responsibilities. Approximately 80 km of hikes will take us through spectacular volcanic and glacial scenery. For the first time, students will have the opportunity to receive transfer course credit.

This 12-day expedition through the country begins in Reykjavík. We will make a loop around the country along the "Ring Road". Iceland has more types of volcanoes than any other place on Earth; you will see them all. You'll also get to experience glaciers close-up, ride a boat through an iceberg-filled lake, see geysers and hundreds of waterfalls, walk along the mid-Atlantic Ridge in several places, hike through the 1975-1984 lava flows in Krafla caldera, relax in a hot spring warmed by an obsidian flow, swim in a crater in Askja caldera that erupted in 1912, traverse periglacial terrain in Krafla caldera, hunt minerals along the shore of a fjord, and many other distinctly Icelandic experiences.

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Here is what some of the participants on the 2002 trip had to say about Iceland:

"Thank you GSA for offering this trip! It was one of the best experiences of my life.
I think "student-only trips" are a great idea".

"Jim Reynolds is the best professor/trip leader ever - knowledgeable and a whole lot of fun —
I learned so much….."

"The (Iceland-Students Only) trip was an amazing experience!"

Iceland is a very expensive country; you will never visit there for this long, seeing the geology up close, at a better price. If you have any questions, send an email to Jim Reynolds at

Fees and Payment

$2100 for GSA student members; $2200 for nonmembers. (A student membership costs $30.)
A $200 deposit is due with your reservation and is refundable (less $75) through May 1.
Balance is due May 1. Firm minimum number of participants: 21.
Included: Ground transportation, all meals, classroom programs and materials, guidebook, and map.
Not included: Roundtrip airfare to Iceland from Baltimore, airfare to and from Baltimore, camping equipment (tent and sleeping bag), alcoholic beverages, and other expenses not specifically included.


To register for this trip, please contact Sandy Doss, Holbrook Educational Tours at

Registrants with Special Needs: GSA is committed to making GeoVentures accessible to all. If you require special arrangements or have special dietary concerns, please contact Edna Collis. We'll do our best to accommodate special needs, including dietary requirements and physical disabilities. Deposits and payments are refundable less a processing fee, up to the cutoff date. Termination by an individual during a trip in progress for any reason will not result in a refund, and no refund will be made for unused parts of trips.

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