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This update was originally sent out as an e-mail message to AGI's member societies.

*** President Bush's Earth Science Week 2003 Message ***

The following presidential message was released by the White House in recognition of Earth Science Week 2003, which extends from October 12th to 18th. The message joins proclamations issued by numerous tate
governors and city mayors.

AGI thanks President Bush for this statement and thanks all the geoscientists who have organized the many Earth Science Week activities going on across the United States and around the world.



October 10, 2003

I send greetings to those celebrating Earth Science Week 2003, sponsored by the American Geological Institute.

Earth Science Week provides an opportunity to recognize our progress in conservation through environmental stewardship and the contributions of geologists, geophysicists, and other environmental scientists. These professionals help preserve our natural resources, protect our health, keep us safe from natural disasters, and increase our appreciation for the Earth's beauty.

This year's theme, "Eyes on Planet Earth," highlights the importance of monitoring the environment and caring for it wisely. On July 31, 2003, the United States hosted the first-ever Earth Observation Summit in Washington, D.C., where participants discussed a 10-year goal of creating an international, integrated, comprehensive, and coordinated Earth observation system.

I applaud dedicated scientists and students in Earth science and technology for their efforts to learn more about this important field. I also commend educators, parents, and all those who help raise awareness about our planet. Your efforts help us become better stewards of our precious natural resources.

Laura joins me in sending our best wishes.

George W. Bush


Special update prepared by David Applegate, AGI Government Affairs Program

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