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Past Forum Reports

  • Processes Controlling the Growth and Evolution of Continental Batholiths, Coast Mountains British Columbia, Canada
    12–17 August 2018, Terrace and Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada
    Forum Overview
  • Catastrophic Mega-Scale Landslide Failure of Large Volcanic Fields
    16–22 September 2017, Cedar City and Bryce Canyon City, Utah, USA
    Field Report | Participant Photo
  • Formation of the Sierra Nevada Batholith: Magmatic and Tectonic Processes and Their Tempos
    1–8 September 2012, Sierra Nevada, California, USA
    Field Report (PDF)
  • Significance of Along-Strike Variations for the 3-D Architecture of Orogens: The Hellenides and Anatolides in the Eastern Mediterranean
    16–22 May 2010, Samos, Greece
    Field Report (PDF) | Photos
  • Structure and Neotectonic Evolution of Northern Owens Valley and the Volcanic Tableland, California
    13–19 September 2009, Bishop, California, USA
    Field Report: Full Text | PDF
  • Late Archean Crust: Magmatism and Tectonics of the Abitibi Subprovince, Canadian Shield
    Abitibi granite-greenstone belt and Kapuskasing structural zone
    19–25 July 2008, Ontario and Québec, Canada
    Forum Overview
  • Assessing the State of Our Knowledge of Continental Arc Volcanism: The Tatara–San Pedro complex, 36ES, Chilean Southern Volcanic Zone
    3–13 February 2007, Talca, Chile
    Field Report
  • Marine impact craters on Earth: Field investigation of the Wetumpka impact structure, a well-preserved marine impact crater, and the K-T boundary in the Alabama Gulf Coastal Plain
    8–11 March 2007, Wetumpka, Alabama, USA
    Field Report
  • Tectonic Significance of Vertical Boundaries in the Cordillera
    30 July–5 August 2006, McCall, Idaho, USA
    A field investigation of the western Idaho shear zone, on the western edge of the Idaho Batholith
    Field Report: Full text | PDF
  • Rethinking the Assembly and Evolution of Plutons: Field Tests and Perspectives
    7–13 October 2005, Lander, Wyoming, USA
    Mesozoic Cordilleran batholith from Yosemite to the White Mountains, California
    Field Report
  • Melt Segregation and Transfer Mechanisms in the Lower Crust
    4–9 July 2004, Kaapvaal Craton, South Africa
    Field Report
  • Structural Controls on Magma Transport and Vertical Coupling in the Continental Lithosphere
    26 April–6 May 2003, Fiordland, New Zealand
    Field Report
  • Kinematics and Vorticity of High-Strain Zones
    16–21 April 2002, Virginia Blue Ridge and Piedmont, USA
    Field Report
  • Bolide Impacts on Wet Targets
    22–28 April 2001, Nevada and Utah, USA
    Field Report
  • Glaciohydraulic Supercooling, Basal Freeze-on, Stratified Basal Ice and "Deformable Till Beds": Matanuska Glacier, Alaska
    18–22 March 2000, Matanuska Glacier, Alaska, USA
    Field Report
  • Correlating Volcanic and Plutonic Perceptions of Silicic Magma Chamber Processes: Evidence from Coastal Maine Plutons
    14–18 September 2000, Ellsworth, Maine, USA
    Field Report