News Releases

Advancing Understanding of the Geologic Evolution of the Arctic Region
GSA News Release 19-22, 5/28/2019

Oldest Meteorite Collection on Earth Found in One of the Driest Places
GSA News Release 19-21, 5/23/2019

Pre-College Geoscientists Recognized at Intel ISEF 2019
GSA News Release 19-20, 5/20/2019

Arizona Sets a Grand Stage for Geological Society of America’s Annual Meeting and Exposition
GSA News Release 19-19, 5/9/2019

Converging at Cascadia
GSA News Release 19-18, 5/7/2019

GSA in the News

A new GSA Special Paper edited by Karsten Piepjohn, Justin V. Strauss, Lutz Reinhardt, and William C. McClelland, Circum-Arctic Structural Events: Tectonic Evolution, was highlighted as an NSF top story.

Geology science by Calvin J. Anderson and colleagues, "Natural solid-state ion conduction induces metal isotope fractionation," was covered by National Geographic.

Geology science by A. Drouard and colleagues, "The meteorite flux of the past 2 m.y. recorded in the Atacama Desert," was covered by LiveScience.

Geology science by Aaron J. Cavosie and Christian Koeberl, "Overestimation of threat from 100 Mt–class airbursts? High-pressure evidence from zircon in Libyan Desert Glass," was covered by multiple outlets, including Yahoo! News UK, Forbes, LiveScience, and Fox News.