News Releases

Don Swanson and the Importance of Field Volcanology
GSA News Release 18-45, 11/27/2018

Sunset Crater, San Francisco Volcanic Field
GSA News Release 18-44, 11/19/2018

Punctuated earthquakes for the New Madrid area: New research uncovers a cluster of past events
GSA News Release 18-43, 11/6/2018

How invasive earthworm feces is altering U.S. soils
GSA News Release 18-42, 11/6/2018

Turning marginal farmlands into a win for farmers and ecosystems
GSA News Release 18-41, 11/5/2018

GSA in the News

Geology science by Timothy A. Goudge and collleagues, "Incision of paleolake outlet canyons on Mars from overflow flooding," was covered by the Yahoo! News.

GSA Today science by Daniel Soeder and Douglas Kent, "When oil and water mix: Understanding the environmental impacts of shale development," was covered by the HazMat Magazine.

Geology science by G. Racki and colleagues, "Mercury enrichments and the Frasnian-Famennian biotic crisis: A volcanic trigger proved?," was covered by EARTH on p. 25 of its Sept/Oct. 2018 issue.

Lithosphere science by S.U. Jänecke and colleagues, "Durmid ladder structure and its implications for the nucleation sites of the next M >7.5 earthquake on the San Andreas fault or Brawley seismic zone in southern California," was covered by EARTH on p. 32 of its Sept/Oct. 2018 issue.