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  • Thanking Rep. David Price (D-NC) for his leadership preventing cuts to geoscience research at NSF.

    GSA president Claudia Mora, Matt Polizzotto, Jessica Witt, and Thomas Luckie, the GSA Rocky Mountain student award winner, thank Rep. David Price (D-NC) for his leadership preventing cuts to geoscience research at NSF.

  • Your support makes a difference! Make an end-of- year contribution to GeoStar graduate student research grants, or support the Policy Office in Washington DC to continue advocating for the geoscience community on Capitol Hill. Your gift today will have a lasting impact, and you will receive tax benefits for this calendar year.

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  • Savor the Cryosphere

    Savor the Cryosphere

    With contrasting photographs, the loss of ice across Earth's surface is documented in GSA Today.



    Free online access to GEOLOGY included with all 2017 GSA memberships.

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    GSA Events Code of Conduct

    GSA promotes, provides, expects and endorses a professional and respectful atmosphere and values a diversity of views and opinions.

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    GSA President: Call to Action

    [Dec. 2016] GSA President Claudia Mora calls for GSA members to continue working for positive change and promoting scientific excellence.
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  • 29April2017
    EclipseMob Webinar EclipseMob is a collaborative effort between scientists and citizens to collect critical low frequency radio wave propagation data on a large geographical scale (across the U.S.) during the 21 August 2017 solar eclipse in order to answer fundamental questions about the Earth’s ionosphere. Register Here
  • 15May2017
    Application Deadline Penrose Conference:
    Dead Sea, Ein Boqeq, Israel
    Advances in salt tectonics: observations, applications, and perspective
  • 23May2017
    Cordilleran GSA Honolulu, Hawai‘i GSA Cordilleran Section 113th Annual Meeting
  • 26May2017
    OTF Deadline Seattle, Washington, USA On To the Future Applications for GSA2017 accepted through 26 May.