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  • Advances in salt tectonics: observations, applications, and perspective: In honor of Martin P.A. Jackson
    February 11-16, 2018, Dead Sea, Ein Boqeq, Israel
    Conveners: Ram Weinberger and Ian Alsop
    Conference Overview



  • Layered Mafic Intrusions and Associated Economic Deposits
    8–12 August 2016, Red Lodge, Montana, USA
    Conveners: Alan E. Boudreau, Eric C. Ferré, Brian O’Driscoll, Edward M. Ripley
    Penrose Conference Report


  • Linkages and Feedbacks in Orogenic Processes — A Conference Honoring the Career of Robert D. Hatcher Jr.
    30 March–4 April 2014, Asheville, North Carolina, USA
    Conveners: Ryan Thigpen, Christopher Bailey, Harold Stowell, Richard Law
    Conference Overview


  • Predicting and Detecting Natural and Induced Flow Paths for Geothermal Fluids in Deep Sedimentary Basins
    19–23 October 2013, Park City, Utah, USA
    Conveners: John Holbrook, Rick Allis, Derek Elsworth, Sidney Green, Joseph N. Moore
    Conference Overview
  • Coastal Processes and Environments Under Sea-Level Rise and Changing Climate: Science to Inform Management
    Joint Penrose / Chapman Conference
    14–19 April 2013, Galveston, Texas, USA
    Conveners: John B. Anderson, Margaret Davidson, John W. Geissman, Gary J. Hampson, Denise J. Reed, Torbjörn E. Törnqvist
    Penrose Conference Report


  • Deformation, Fluid Flow, and Mass Transfer in the Forearc of Convergent Margins
    25–31 March 2012  •  Il Ciocco, Castelvecchio Pascoli, Lucca, Italy
    Conveners: Donald Fisher, César Ranero, Paola Vannucchi
    Penrose Conference Report


  • Comparative evolution of past and present accretionary orogens: Central Asia and the Circum-Pacific
    4–10 September 2011  •  Urumqi, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, China
    Conveners: Alfred Kröner, Robert J. Stern, Bor-Ming Jahn, Wenjiao Xiao, Lifei Zhang, Robert Hall, Alexander Kotov, Reimar Seltmann
    Penrose Conference Report
  • Deformation Localization in Rocks: New Advances
    27 June–2 July 2011, Cadaqués & Cap de Creus Peninsula, Catalonia, Spain
    Conveners: Elena Druguet, Jordi Carreras, G. Ian Alsop, Paul D. Bons, Dyanna M. Czeck, Peter J. Hudleston, Christine S. Siddoway
    Conference Overview
  • Neotectonics of Arc-Continent Collision
    17–21 January 2011, Manizales, Colombia
    Conveners: Paul Mann, Carlos Vargas Jimenez, Caroline Whitehill
    Penrose Conference Report: Full Text | PDF
  • Google Earth: Visualizing the Possibilities for Geoscience Education and Research
    4–8 January 2011; Google Inc. Headquarters, Mountain View, California, USA
    Conveners: John Bailey, Declan De Paor, Tina Ornduff, Steven Whitmeyer
    Conference Overview


  • Origin and Uplift of the Sierra Nevada, California, USA
    16–20 August 2010, Bridgeport, California
    Conveners: Cathy J. Busby, Keith D. Putirka
    Penrose Conference Report


  • Tectonic Development of the Amerasia Basin
    4–9 October 2009, Banff Centre, Alberta, Canada
    Conveners: Lawrence Lawver, Victoria Pease; Co-Conveners: Ruth Jackson, Sergey Drachev
    Penrose Conference Report
  • Low δ18O rhyolites and crustal melting: Growth and redistribution of the continental crust
    9–13 September 2009, Twin Falls, Idaho, and Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA
    Conveners: Peter Larson, Ilya Bindeman, John Wolff
    Penrose Conference Report
  • Plumes and Their Role in Whole Mantle Convection and Recycling
    11-15 May 2009, Pico, the Azores
    Conveners: C. Beier, T. Rushmer, S. Turner, E. Widom, Z. Franca


  • Extending a Continent: Architecture, Rheological Coupling, and Heat Budget
    8-12 October 2007, Island of Naxos, Aegean Sea, Greece
    Conveners: Uwe Ring, Klaus Regenauer-Lieb, Brian Wernicke, Charalampos Fassoulas
    Penrose Conference Report
  • Hothouse, Icehouse, and Impacts: The Late Eocene Earth
    3-6 October 2007, Monte Cònero (Ancona), Italy
    Conveners: Alessandro Montanari, Christian Koeberl, Frits Hilgen, Rodolfo Coccioni
    Penrose Conference Report


  • Unlocking 3D Earth Systems — Harnessing New Digital Technologies to Revolutionize Multi-Scale Geologic Models
    17-21 September 2006, Durham, UK
    Penrose Conference Report
  • Arc Crustal Genesis and Evolution
    9-15 July 2006, Valdez, Alaska USA
    Penrose Conference Report
  • When Did Plate Tectonics Begin on Earth? Theoretical and Empirical Constraints
    13-19 June 2006, Lander, Wyoming USA
    Penrose Conference Report
  • Chronostratigraphy: Beyond the GSSP
    3-9 June 2006, Schloss Seggau, Styria, Austria
    Penrose Conference Report


  • Lessons in Tectonics, Climate, and Eustasy from the Stratigraphic Record in Arc Collision Zones
    Conveners: Peter D. Clift, Amy E. Draut
    10-14 October 2005, Price, Utah USA
    Penrose Conference Report
  • Kinematics and Geodynamics of Intraplate Dextral Shear in Eastern California and Western Nevada
    Conveners: Jeffrey Lee, Daniel Stockli, Christopher Henry, Timothy Dixon
    21-26 April 2005, Mammoth Lakes, California USA
    Penrose Conference Report


  • Secular Variation in Tectonics and Allied Fields
    Conveners: Dwight Bradley, John Dewey
    22-28 October 2004
    St. George, Utah
    Penrose Conference Report
  • Mass Redistribution in Continental Magmatic-Hydrothermal Systems
    Conveners: John H. Dilles, Greg B. Arehart, Peter I. Nabelek, Todd C. Feeley
    September 6-11, 2004
    Yellowstone National Park and Butte (Fairmont Hot Springs), Montana
    Penrose Conference Report
  • Neogene-Quaternary Continental Margin Volcanism
    Conveners: Gerardo J. Aguirre-Díaz, José Luis Macías, Claus Siebe
    January 12-16, 2004,
    Metepec (eastern slopes of Popocatépetl volcano), Mexico
    Penrose Conference Report


  • Plume IV: Beyond the Plume Hypothesis — Tests of the Plume Paradigm and Alternatives
    Conveners: Gillian R. Foulger, James H. Natland, Don L. Anderson
    August 25-29, 2003, Hveragerði, Iceland
    Penrose Conference Report
  • Tectonics, Climate, and Landscape Evolution
    Conveners: Sean Willett, Niels Hovius, Mark Brandon, Don Fisher
    Local Organizing Committee: Lu Chai-Yu, Chu Hao-Tsu, Yue-Gau Chen
    January 13-17, 2003, Taroko National Park, Taiwan
    Conference Overview


  • Three-Dimensional Flow, Fabric Development, and Strain in Deformed Rocks and the Significance for Mountain Building Processes: New Approaches
    Conveners: Hermann Lebit, Catalina Lüneburg, Peter Hudleston, John Ramsay
    August 18-24, 2002, Ascona, Switzerland
    Penrose Conference Report
  • Precambrian High-Pressure-High-Temperature Metamorphism: A Key to Understanding the Lower Crust and Reconstruction of Precambrian Plate Tectonics
    Conveners: M. Brown, A. Kröner, P.J. O'Brien, C.W. Passchier, Li Jianghai, Zhai Mingguo
    September 23-29, 2002, Hengshan-Wutaishan and Beijing, China
    Conference Overview


  • Longevity and Dynamics of Rhyolitic Magma Systems
    Conveners: Kurt Knesel, George Bergantz, Jon Davidson
    June 7-12, 2001, Mammoth, California
    Conference Overview


  • Volcanic Rifted Margins
    Conveners: Ian Davison, Joel Baker, Martin Menzies
    March 27–31, 2000, Royal Holloway, University of London, Egham Surrey
    Penrose Conference Report
  • Great Cascadia Earthquake Tricentennial
    John J. Clague, Brian F. Atwater, Kelin Wang, Yumei Wang, and Ivan G. Wong

    June 4–8, 2000, Seaside, Oregon
    Penrose Conference Report
  • The Iapetus Ocean — Its Birth, Life, and Death: The Wilson Cycle
    Conveners: Ian Dalziel, Douglas J. Fettes, Anthony L. Harris, and Ricardo Astini
    September 17–24, 2000, Edinburgh, Scotland
    Penrose Conference Report


  • Subduction to Strike-Slip Transitions on Plate Boundaries
    Conveners: Paul Mann, Nancy Grindlay, James Dolan
    January 18–24, 1999, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
    Penrose Conference Report
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  • Mid-Cretaceous to Recent Plate Boundary Processes in the Southwest Pacific
    Conveners: Suzanne L. Baldwin, Gordon S. Lister
    March 25–31, 1999, Arthur's Pass, South Island, New Zealand
    Penrose Conference Report
  • Terrane Accretion Along the Western Cordilleran Margin: Constraints on Timing and Displacement
    Conveners: Brian Mahoney, Basil Tikoff, Julie A. Maxson
    June 21–27, 1999, Winthrop, Washington. Penrose Conference Report
  • The Marine Eocene-Oligocene Transition
    Conveners: Donald R. Prothero, Linda C. Ivany,
    Elizabeth A. Nesbitt

    August 17–22, 1999, Olympia, Washington. Penrose Conference Report


  • Linking Spatial and Temporal Scales in Paleoecology and Ecology
    Conveners: Andrew S. Cohen, James Brown, Dale Springer, Peter Holterhoff
    May 14–18, 1998, Solomons, Maryland. Penrose Conference Report
  • Evolution of Ocean Island Volcanoes
    Conveners: Dennis Geist, Wendy Bohrson, Karen Harpp
    June 4–12, 1998, Galápagos Islands, Ecuador. Penrose Conference Report
  • Processes of Crustal Differentiation: Crust-Mantle Interactions, Melting, and Granite Migration Through the Crust
    Conveners: Tracy Rushmer, Michael Brown, George Bergantz
    July 4–11, 1998, Solomons, Maryland. Penrose Conference Report
  • Ophiolites and Oceanic Crust: New Insights from Field Studies and Ocean Drilling Program
    Conveners: Yildirim Dilek, Eldridge M. Moores, Don Elthon, Adolphe Nicolas
    September 13–17, 1998, Solomons, Maryland. Penrose Conference Report