Geoscience Calendar – 2018

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February 2018

7-9 February: Exploration of Oil, Gas, Coal, Minerals and Ground Water (EXOCMING) 2018: Modern Techniques and Appliances, Kolkata, India. Theme: Exploration, Inventory, Exploitation, Value Addition, Application of Green Technology and Conservation of Earth Resources for an Eco-friendly Future.

11-16 February: Penrose Conference: Advances in salt tectonics: observations, applications, and perspective: In honor of Martin P.A. Jackson, Dead Sea, Ein Boqeq, Israel

26-28 February: 2nd International Conference on Gas, Oil and Petroleum Engineering (GOPE-2018), Houston, Texas, USA.

March 2018

1-2 March: 2018 Energy Law Symposium, Fort Worth, Texas, USA.

6-9 March: 2018 Developer Summit (DevSummit), Palm Springs, California, USA.

12-13 March: GSA South-Central Section Meeting, Little Rock, Arkansas, USA. Abstracts due 15 Dec. 2017.

18-20 March: GSA Northeastern Section Meeting, Burlington, Vermont, USA. Abstracts due 12 Dec. 2017.

April 2018

12-13 April: GSA Southeastern Section Meeting, Knoxville, Tennessee, USA. Abstracts due 16 Jan. 2018.

16-17 April: GSA North-Central Section Meeting, Ames, Iowa, USA. Abstracts due 16 Jan. 2018.

25-27 April: 2nd International Conference on Petrochemistry, Rome, Italy.

May 2018

7-9 May: 8th International Symposium on Submarine Mass Movements and Their Consequences — AND the Marine Geohazards Conference, Victoria, BC, Canada.

16-17 May: GSA Rocky Mountain/Cordilleran Section Joint Meeting, Flagstaff, Arizona, USA. Abstracts due 20 Feb. 2018.

20-23 May: AAPG 2018 Annual Convention & Exhibition (ACE), Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

June 2018

11-16 June: Pan American Current research on Fluid Inclusions (PACROFI), Houston, Texas, USA.

12-15 June: Mine Water Solutions Conference 2018, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

14-16 June: ComSciCom, Boston, Massachussetts, USA. The Communicating Science workshop for graduate students

16-21 June: Resources for Future Generations Conference (RFG 2018), Vancouver Convention Center | Vancouver, BC, CANADA. An IUGS conference on energy, minerals, water, the earth. Session proposals due 1 May 2017.

August 2018

19-22 August: Conjugate Margins Conference, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

22-24 August: Virtual Geoscience Conference, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

September 2018

2-7 September: General Assembly of the European Seismological Commission (GA ESC), Valletta, Malta.

26-29 September: Association of Earth Science Editors 52nd Annual Meeting, Niagara Falls, New York.

October 2018

7-9 October: 2018 GIA Symposium, Carlsbad, California, USA (Gemological Institute of America).

14-20 October: 14th International Conference on Gas in Marine Sediments (GIMS14), Haifa, Israel.

14-18 October: AGCC 2018 - Big Issues and Ideas in Geoscience, Adelaide Convention Centre, Adelaide, Australia.

November 2018

4-7 November: GSA 2018 Annual Meeting & Exposition, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. Field Trip proposals due 1 Dec. 2017. Session & Short Course proposals due 1 Feb.

GSA Dates & Deadlines

January 2018

February 2018

  • 1 Feb.: Deadline for GSA Graduate Student Research Grant applications.
  • 2 Feb.: Deadline for GeoCorpsTM America and Geoscientists-in-the-Parks (GIP) applications for summer positions
  • 23 Feb.: Dealine for Northeast Urban Travel Award applications

March 2018

  • 1 March: Minority Student Scholarship application opens
  • 5 March: On To the Future application opens
  • 23 March: Deadline for Field Camp Excellence Award applications
  • 23 March: Deadline for Field Camp Scholarship applications
  • 23 March: Deadline for Bighorn Basin Field Award applications

April 2018

  • 22 April: Earth Day

May 2018

June 2018

  • 15 June: GSA Officer, Councilor, and Committee Nominations due
  • 15 June: Deadline for Minority Student Scholarship applications
  • 21 June: The birthday of the GeoCorps™ America program. On this date in 1997, the first ever GeoCorps participant entered into service.

July 2018

  • 1 July: Deadline for GeoCorps™ America and Geoscientists-in-the-Parks (GIP) applications for fall/winter positions

October 2018

November 2018

  • 4-7 Nov.: GSA 2018, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.

December 2018

  • 1 Dec.: GeoCorps™ America and Geoscientists-in-the-Parks (GIP) summer positions posted
  • 1 Dec.: GSA Graduate Student Research Grant program opens to applications.