Thompson Field Forums

Thompson Field Forums

Thompson Field Forums are named in honor of James B. Thompson, Jr., a GSA benefactor and professor emeritus at both Harvard and Dartmouth.

Upcoming Field Forums

Processes Controlling the Growth and Evolution of Continental Batholiths, Coast Mountains British Columbia, Canada
Terrace and Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada
12–17 August 2018 (apply by 31 Jan. 2018)

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Field Safety Guidelines

Past Field Forums

Field Forum trips provide an informal atmosphere to

  • Capture the essence of discoveries or controversial topics via on-the-spot discussion of a particular geologic feature;
  • Exchange current knowledge and exciting ideas; and
  • Stimulate individual and collaborative research.

Topics should

  • Have a specific thematic focus;
  • Be geographically oriented;
  • Have a potential for further significant advances; and
  • Be under current investigation and active discussion.


  • Groups should be small enough (20 people min.) that all participants can examine the outcrops;
  • Groups should be large enough (40 people max.) to provide diversity and depth;
  • Length: Five or more days;
  • Participants are expected to attend the entire field trip;
  • Time spend indoors for discussion, etc., should make up no more than 20% of the forum;
  • Location: Conferences can be held anywhere, but logistics and costs could be problematic for forums held outside North America; and
  • Conference announcements will be featured in GSA Today and GSA Connection.