GSA 2019

2019 GSA Annual Meeting

Phoenix, Arizona, USA

22–25 September

Save the Dates!


Abstracts Deadline: 25 June 2019

Technical session in progress

Exchange the geology by organizing and chairing a technical session.

Extended* Technical Session proposal deadline: 20 February 2019
Proposals are being taken for both Pardee Keynote and Topical Sessions.


GSA short course in progress

Share the geology as an instructor through a Short Course.

Extended* Short Course proposal deadline: 20 February 2019
Courses run the Friday and Saturday before the Annual Meeting and are typically a half day to two full days.



* In an effort to assist federal geoscientists affected by the prolonged U.S. government shutdown, The Geological Society of America is extending its deadline for submitting technical sessions and short course proposals for the 2019 Annual Meeting in Phoenix.

The new due date is Wednesday, 20 February 2019, at 11:59 p.m. PST.

GSA is committed to accommodating the full participation of furloughed scientists in whatever ways we can. If you have any questions, please contact the Meetings Department at .


GSA heads to Phoenix in 2019


Meeting Organizers

Local chair:
Steven Semken,

Field Trip Chair:
Phil Pearthree,

Community Education Chair:
Mike Conway,

K–12 Education Co-chair:
Carla McAuliffe,

K–12 Education Co-chair:
Aida Awad,

Technical Program Chair:
Amy Brock-Hon,

Technical Program Vice chair:
Kevin Mickus,

Student/Postdoc Activities Co-chair:
Linnea McCann,

Student/Postdoc Activities Co-chair:
Greer Dolby,