Teachers learning about Minnesota rock formation.

2.5 Billion Year Old Banded Iron Formation, Soudan, Minnesota

Teachers Learn About 2.5 Billion Year Old Banded Iron Formation, Soudan, Minnesota.

GeoTeachers Professional Development

Field Workshop Series

GSA's new Field Workshop Series supplies educators with geoscience activities and resources tied to state standards for use in science classrooms.

Field Trips are focused on the geologic history, processes, and resources local to the communities where teachers and their students live.

Professional Development is available via Webinar and at Annual and Section meetings.

Blog Posts
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Read education-related blog posts about GSA’s program to help fill the gap in geoscience education besetting so many of our primary and secondary school programs.

The Geological Society of America is dedicated to increasing geoscience literacy through increasing public appreciation of Earth’s history, processes, and resources through earth-science education. Professional development of the nation’s educators is the key mechanism by which the GeoTeachers program builds the future of geology.


Sadredin (Dean) Moosavi
Education Programs Coordinator


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