International EarthCache Day


Each year GSA celebrates International EarthCache Day on the first Sunday of Earth Science Week and the last Sunday of World Space Week.

To help us celebrate we ask people to visit an EarthCache, run an event cache through, or attend an event and tell others about how much fun visiting and developing EarthCaches can be. If you run an event, please tell us about it in this short survey, so that we may help promote it on our website and Facebook. Please share photos of your event on our Facebook page, in the forums, or email it to us.

For future Earth Science Week dates and themes (and thus, future International EarthCache Day dates), please see AGI's Earth Science Week home-page.

World Space Week is the largest public space event on Earth, with over 1,000 events in 80 countries each year.

Each year World Space Week celebrates the contributions of space science, engineering and technology to life on Earth and the betterment of the human condition, and each year we encourage EVERYONE to celebrate by creating or joining a World Space Week event.

EarthCache Day has been accepted as an official World Space Week event and the World Space Week Association would like to ask anyone who is celebrating EarthCache day to also register your event on the World Space Week Global calendar and help us to celebrate the connection between the Earth and Space.

For more information about UN-declared World Space Week or to register your event please go to:

World Space Week