Tim W. Wawrzyniec Fellowship
at the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory

Research at the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory

Interested in pursuing geologic research in and around the Elk Range near Crested Butte, Colorado?  Then read on for details about fellowship funding!

Family and friends of Timothy F. Wawrzyniec, a well-known U.S. geologist, entrepreneur, and former University of Texas-Austin, University of New Mexico, and Western State Colorado University faculty member, have established a fund to support geologic research at the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory (RMBL).

Tim’s life and career were tragically cut short by brain cancer in November 2014. It is the wish of his family and friends to support geologically oriented research conducted through RMBL in and around the Elk Mountains.

Tim W. Wawrzyniec Fellowship

This fellowship is intended to support research conducted by PhD-holding investigators who have not previously worked through RMBL. The intent is for this fund to award $5,000 annually.

Visit the RMBL website to learn more about conducting research at RMBL: http://www.rmbl.org/scientists/.

For information about fellowships and working at RMBL, contact the Science Director, Dr. Jennifer Reithel at or 970-349-1288.