Executive & Governance

Vicki McConnell
Executive Director,

Susan Lofton
Executive Assistant and Administrator Governance & Administration, +1-303-357-1040,

Dominique Olvera
GSA Governance and Awards Manager, +1-303-357-1060,

Nan Stout
Ethics and Compliance Officer, +1-303-357-1012,

Diversity and GeoCareers

Tahlia Bear
Diversity and Careers Officer, +1-303-357-1066,

Pat Kilner
Director of Membership Development, +1-303-357-1017,

Kory Prioreschi
Membership and Fellowship Programs Coordinator, +1-303-357-1028,

Jeanette Hammann
Director of Publications, +1-303-357-1048,

Matt Hudson
Publications Manager, +1-303-357-1020,

Jon Raessler
Circulation Specialist & Marketing Analyst, +1-303-357-1051,

Editorial — 

Cary Cosper
Managing Editor, GSA Bulletin, 303-357-1022,

Kea Giles
Managing Editor, GSA Today, +1-303-357-1057,

Gina Harlow
Managing Editor, Geosphere, 303-357-1095,

April Leo
Managing Editor, Books, +1-303-357-1037,

Bridgette Moore
Editorial Manager, and Managing Editor, Lithosphere, +1-303-357-1086,

Jennifer Olivarez
Editorial Assistant, +1-303-357-1010,

Lyne Yohe
Managing Editor, Geology, +1-303-357-1091,


Emily Levine
Graphic Designer and Production Specialist, GSA Today, +1-303-357-1077,

Heather Sutphin
Graphic Designer and Production Specialist, +1-303-357-1002,

Advertising — 

Ann Crawford
Advertising Manager, +1-303-357-1053,


Rebecca Fazzari
Director of Meetings & Events, +1-303-357-1058,

William Cox
Senior Meetings and Exhibits Coordinator, +1-303-357-1013,

Elle Derwent
Meetings Coordinator II, +1-303-357-1090,

Audrey Heun
Meetings Coordinator I, +1-303-357-1008,

Jennifer Nocerino
Program Officer, Mentor Programs, Short Courses, GSA/ExxonMobil Awards, +1-303-357-1036,

Becky Sundeen
Meetings Manager, +1-303-357-1041,


Nancy L. Wright
Technical Program Manager, +1-303-357-1061,

Heather Clark
Abstracts Coordinator, +1-303-357-1018,

Kasey S. White
Director for Geoscience Policy, +1-202-669-0466,

Laura Szymanski
2018-2019 GSA Science Policy Fellow, +1-202-870-0373,


Christa Stratton
Director of Education, Communications, & Outreach, +1-303-357-1093,
Media Relations

Ann H. Crawford
Advertising Manager, +1-303-357-1053,

Matthew Dawson
Education Programs Manager, +1-303-357-1025,
Research Grants, EarthCache programs

Kea Giles
Managing Editor, GSA TodayGSA Connection, +1-303-357-1057,

Matt Hudson
Member Communications Manager, +1-303-357-1020,

Emily Levine
Graphic Designer and Production Specialist, GSA Today, +1-303-357-1077,

Lesley Petrie
Education & Outreach Program Coordinator, +1-303-357-1097,
GeoCorps, Geoscientists-in-the-Parks (GIP)

Collin Rudkin
Web Manager, +1-303-357-1024,

Justin Samuel
Online Community Manager, +1-303-357-1026,
Member Community, Social Media, Science Communications Fellowship


Rebecca Freeman
Manager, Sales & Service Center, +1-303-357-1004,

Nancy Cain
Sales & Service Specialist, +1-303-357-1005,

Marsha Botham
Sales & Service Specialist, +1-303-357-1000,

Rusty Pinkerton
Product Distribution and Warehouse Specialist, +1-303-357-1075,


Todd Berggren
Senior Director of Information Technology

Rakesh Chandranatha
System Administrator

Lisa Hochstetler
Systems Support Specialist

Travis LeRoy
Web Applications Developer

Mike Norder
Database Manager


Thomas H. Haberthier

Theresa DeSteffen
Payroll, Accounts Payable Specialist

Lisa Kelley
Payroll, Accounts Payable Specialist


Ann Moore
Human Resources Manager, +1-303-357-1027,


John W. (Jack) Hess
Foundation President, +1-303-357-1011,

Terry Archambeault
Campaign Coordinator, +1-303-357-1016,

Clifton Cullen
Assistant Director of Individual Giving, +1-303-357-1007,

Jeff Tyler
Office Manager, +1-303-357-1054,

Debbie Marcinkowski
Director of Development, +1-303-357-1047,

AJ Villa
Database Coordinator, +1-303-357-1067,