A New Symbol for a Great Vision

The new GSA logo is a graphical representation of Earth in space. It reflects the expansion that has taken place within the geological sciences. Geoscience is no longer limited to earthbound, hard-rock geology, but includes planetary geology and the integration of other scientific disciplines such as biology, chemistry, atmospheric science, and oceanography.

The new logo also reflects increased research activity by GSA members outside of North America and the growing number of non-United States-based GSA members. It supports the Society's globalization initiative.

Inside the Design

The green portion in the lower half depicts a portion of the globe. Its undifferentiated surface allows for assumed inclusion of the lithosphere, asthenosphere, hydrosphere, and biosphere, along with the many scientific disciplines involved in their study.

The white area represents Earth's atmosphere, communicating inclusion of atmospheric sciences.

The deep purple at the top represents space and the attendant planetary disciplines that are a vital part of the geosciences.

The name element of the mark makes clear that this expanded view of the geosciences is held by the Geological Society of America.

While the geosciences have expanded in scope, and GSA as a society has moved beyond the boundaries of North America and hard-rock geology, the name element strongly states both our scientific orientation and our organizational identity.

What Happens to the GSA Seal?

GSA's seal is widely recognized and respected in the field of geoscience. It continues to have a role to play at GSA and will not disappear. As a symbol of GSA's history and longevity, it will continue to be used on GSA medals and awards and will be used for other official purposes.

The new logo is intended to support other, more marketing-oriented purposes, such as GSA's efforts to expand its membership and increase meeting attendance. This forward-looking logo reflects the expansion of the geosciences and communicates the strategic direction of GSA in the twenty-first century. It conveys the fact that all geoscientists have a place at GSA.

The New GSA Logo:

  • Illustrates GSA's position as a broad, unifying scientific society.
  • Reflects the expansion of the geosciences.
  • Communicates GSA's commitments to globalization and integrative science.
  • Stimulates discussion of GSA's strategic direction and encourages participation.
  • Represents GSA favorably in the company of world-class scientific, media, and other organizations.

When used with GSA's tagline — Science, Stewardship, and Service — the logo creates an enormously strong impression. It suggests a broadly based, prestigious organization with values that place it on high ground.

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