2016–2017 GSA Division Officers & Past Chairs

Archaeological Geology
Cynthia Fadem Chair
Richard K. Dunn Vice-Chair
Judson Finley Secretary-Treasurer
Katherine A. Adelsberger Past Chair
Energy Geology
J. Fred Mclaughlin Chair
Marc L. Buursink First Vice-Chair
Laura S. Ruhl Second Vice-Chair
Cortland F. Eble Secretary-Treasurer
Brett J. Valentine Past Chair
Environmental and Engineering Geology
Thad A. Wasklewicz Chair
Jessica E. Witt Chair-Elect
Stephen L. Slaughter Secretary
Matthew M. Crawford Past Chair
Geobiology and Geomicrobiology
Simon A. Darroch Chair
Rowan C. Martindale Vice-Chair
Lydia S. Tackett Secretary
Victoria A. Petryshyn Treasurer
Marc Laflamme Past Chair
Denise J. Hills Chair
Leslie Hsu First Vice-Chair
TBD Second Vice-Chair
Anders Noren Secretary-Treasurer
Kerstin Lenhart Past Chair
Geology and Health
Saugata Datta Chair
Nelson Eby First Vice-Chair
Malcolm Siegel Second Vice-Chair
Jean Morrison Secretary-Treasurer
Andrew Hunt Past Chair
Geology and Society
David W. Szymanski Chair
Susan Stover First Vice-Chair
John A. Chermak Second Vice-Chair
Jeffrey N. Rubin Secretary-Treasurer
Bruce R. Clark Past Chair
Nicholas C. Schmerr Chair
Lisa Tauxe Vice-Chair
Benjamin Drenth Secretary-Treasurer
Samantha E. Hansen Past Chair
Geoscience Education
Shane V. Smith Chair
Natalie Bursztyn First Vice-Chair
Robyn Mieko Dahl Second Vice-Chair
Jacquelyn E. Hams Secretary-Treasurer
Christopher Atchison Past Chair
History and Philosophy of Geology
Dorothy Sack Chair
Michael S. Smith First Vice-Chair
TBD Second Vice-Chair
Kathleen Lohff Secretary-Treasurer
Joanne Bourgeois Past Chair
Abe E. Springer Chair
Steve Van der Hoven First Vice-Chair
William (Bill) L. Cunningham Second Vice-Chair
Eric W. Peterson Secretary-Treasurer
Alicia M. Wilson Past Chair
Jason Polk Chair
Jonathan B. Sumrall Vice-Chair
Joshua Feinberg Secretary
Ben Tobin Treasurer
Pat Kambesis Webmaster/Social Medi
Cory W. Blackeagle Past Chair
Scott W. Starratt Chair
Lisa E. Park Boush Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect
Michelle F. Goman Secretary
David B. Finkelstein Treasurer
Johan C. Varekamp Past Chair
Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology
Wendy A. Bohrson Chair
Anita L. Grunder First Vice-Chair
John W. Shervais Second Vice-Chair
J. Alexander Speer Secretary-Treasurer
Yildirim Dilek Past Chair
Planetary Geology
James J. Wray Chair
Bradley J. Thomson First Vice-Chair
Sharon A. Wilson Purdy Second Vice-Chair
Emily Martin Secretary-Treasurer
Danielle Y. Wyrick Past Chair
Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology
Glenn D. Thackray Chair
Tammy Rittenour First Vice-Chair
Grant Meyer Second Vice-Chair
Sarah Brown Lewis Secretary
Scott F. Burns Treasurer
Anne Chin Past Chair
Sedimentary Geology
Katherine A. Giles Chair
Gary L. Gianniny Vice-Chair
Linda C. Kah Secretary-Treasurer
Marjorie A. Chan Past Chair
Structural Geology and Tectonics
James (Jim) P. Evans Chair
Margaret E. Rusmore First Vice-Chair
Paul Umhoefer Second Vice-Chair
Rebecca M. Flowers Secretary-Treasurer
Jean M. Crespi Past Chair