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These are general lesson plans that are not associated with a particular Earthcache. You may download the documents by clicking on the hyperlink and then choose save to your network or hard drive.

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Glaciers EarthCache Lesson Plan To increase student awareness of where glacial activity has occurred in the past and where glaciers are located today. Plans/Glaciers EarthCache Lesson Plan.doc Rate It View Ratings
Erosion EarthCache Lesson Plan The student is able to describe the ways in which Earth’s processes are dynamic and interactive. Plans/Erosion EarthCache Lesson Plan.doc Rate It   No Ratings
Determining the Size of the Earth Use your GPSr to determine the circumference of the earth Plans/sizeoftheearth.pdf Rate It View Ratings
Badlands EarthCache Studnets learn how to use a GPS receiver by completing field activities in lesson one. Lesson two guides students in completing the Dillon Pass Erosion EarthCache. Plans/Badlands EarthCache Lesson.pdf Rate It View Ratings
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