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EarthCache Discovery Awards (EDA)

The EarthCache Discovery Awards is an opportunity to get a status for visiting Earthcaches and learning about the Earth. These awards are not linked to the EarthCache Masters program and finds can be used for both awards.

The EarthCache Discovery Awards can be displayed on your profile or even in your EarthCache listings.

There are five Earthcache Discovery Award levels based on your official EarthCache finds:

QuartzQuartz 50+ - for finding more than 50 EarthCaches.

MicaMica 100+ - for finding more than 100 EarthCaches.

GarnetGarnet 250+- for finding more than 250 EarthCaches.

EmeraldEmerald 500+ - for finding more than 500 EarthCaches.

DiamondDiamond 1000+ - for finding more than 1000 EarthCaches.

To be rewarded you need to complete the form linked below for each level you have reached with your geocaching name, your real name, email address and the number of EarthCache finds that you have recorded in your profile. The number of finds will be confirmed against your profile.

Once approved, you will be sent an email with your level icon for you to display in your caching profile. You can also purchase EDAtags (trackable through to reward yourself for your achievement through the EarthCache Store.





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